About Me

By day, I work in finance. By night, I write about handmade soft toys for fun – Soft Toys Reviewer. It all started collecting soft toys from magazines and newspapers for fun. As time goes by, a friend of mine said why don't you start a blog and write about them. And so I did – in year 2007.

A little insignificant detail about me,
I like to travel, learn the local culture, explore the local cuisine, love watching animals in the wild and do volunteer works. Robert Frost once said “take the road less travel”. That is exactly what I did. For the past two years, I did volunteer works on vacation for animal conservations. Countries included Namibia and Kyrgyzstan.

Thank you for visiting..

We all are unique, but we can come together by our passion.
— Softies Cuties



What do I do if I want you to review my handmade toys?
Please email at nanstran@gmail.com. We will work out a delivery address and timeline.


What happens to my handmade toys after you review them?  
At the end of the year, during the Christmas I will donate your cuddly soft toys to homeless children for age 12 and under. The non-profit organization is to be determined. For the artist, please ensure to sew a label to your soft toy.


Important Notes
All artists spent tremendous of their time and investment in their products. Please do not steal pictures. If you do share, please credit back to the artists. Give the respect that they deserve. We greatly appreciate your support in this community.