Let hope rise in East Palo Alto through job creation for single mothers!

We’re so excited to discover two local artists here in the Bay Area - EPA Made and Tomoko Maruyama.

EPA Made a local non-profit in East Palo Alto focused on creating jobs for single mom through teaching how to make pillows, baby clothing & bibs and creative drawing ornaments.

One of our favorites is the creative, customized sea otter pillow holding anything you want. Literally, anything you can think of - milk bottle, donuts, fruits and veggies.


Inspired by Tomoko Maruyama, Golden Gate Bridge soft toy, we have the sea otter holding Golden Gate Bridge. Is it this adorable? We absolutely loved the drawing and super happy with the result!


Check out the full product line at http://epamade.com.

soft  toy artist  Tomoko Maruyama

soft toy artist Tomoko Maruyama

Let us know if you know any handmade soft toy local artists here in the Bay Area, please comment below.