Erika Barratt Handcrafted Heirloom Soft Toy in Brooklyn

I wanted to create something with the intention that they could be kept with someone through childhood to adulthood and passed on. Or, they could be for someone at any age as an art piece in the home.
— Erika Barratt

Is Christmas here yet? Coz I can't wait to have this beautiful nifty handcrafted heirloom reindeer ornament hanging next to a Christmas tree. 

When I first saw Erika Barratt dolls at Norman and Jules, a shop in Brooklyn, I didn't who the maker was. She made limited edition pieces for Norman and Jules. As I did more digging in I found out the maker. Immediately, I was able to purchase one at Houzz and I was not disappointed.


The package arrived in a square box, within is another square box with a plastic evergreen leaf tied with a golden ribbon. Next to is a beige fabric tote bag and handwritten postcard. I won't spoil you the beautiful messages (so no picture). What a beautiful packaging. It’s like opening a very special Christmas present.

What I’ve got here is a beige reindeer wearing a blue/green 100% wool sweater. Read the full description over here. The reindeer can stand on its own or hang it to a tree. As you can see, it is about 7 inches tall, standing next to 6 inches purple pen


There are certain soft toys that I will donate. Selfishly, I love this deer dearly, one exception, I intended to keep it for photography.


Wouldn't you love to have an heirloom ornament that looks just like your beloved pooch?! Even better, if there is  one wearing a hoodie, a very San Francisco style.