Top 6 Handmade Soft Toy Monkey

Do not fear going forward slowly; fear only to stand still.
— Chinese Proverb

恭喜發財 (Kung Hei Fat Choi) a traditional Chinese New Year greeting. Chinese New Year was on February 8 of this year and the celebration is still going on. In celebration the year of the Monkey, here is the top 6 handmade soft toy monkeys.

What a cute and adorable monkey! This one is do-it-yourself monkey. You can get the pattern from here.

credit  to  Jessiefincham

credit to Jessiefincham

Christmas is over, but you can always get Sock Monkey Girl or Sock Monkey Boy for baby born in the year of the Monkey - a gift brings many years of joy to come.

credit  to Kirklands

credit to Kirklands

For those of you who are patience and love to crochet. Here is one adorable crochet monkey.

credit  to   lilleliis

credit to lilleliis

Don't have the time, but just want the ready-made monkey purchase here.

credit  to  WhiteStorkCreation

Are you a Super Bowl fan? Is your Denver Broncos favorite team? Grab this sock monkey from NFL Shop

Congratulations Denver Broncos for winning Super Bowl 50!

photo | softiescuties

photo | softiescuties

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