Hello August!

Here are what friends of SoftiesCuties have to say about the month of August,

Henry the Fox: I am bursting with joy! A generous person donated a handmade Instagram camera. Can’t wait to take lots of pictures in August. (Thanks Irene!)

Sailor Bear: Did you know? August is the Latin origin, and the meaning of August is "great, magnificent".

Pierre Le Bear: I survived the trip in the big box. Arrived safely in San Francisco in August. What a fascinating city!

Mish the Mouse: I will go with Olivia – shopping. Wouldn’t hurt to get myself a scarf.

Alfie the Bear: Pierre Le Bear and I will be hosting a party in August. The main courses include carpaccio of yellowfin tuna nicoise, five-spiced roast Maine lobster, black sea bass with sweet parsnips, arrowleaf spinach, and saffron-vanilla sauce and for dessert rhubarb confit with navel oranges, candied fennel, and mascarpone sorbet [via The French Laundry Cookbook – Thomas Keller]

Fairy Baby Doll: In U.S. most kids getting ready for school, while most Europe goes on holiday. 

White Bunny: Read “The Yearling” by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings in July. Looking forward to read “Fantastic Mr. Fox” by Roald Dahl in August.

Olivia: Summer is almost over I’ve got to stack up my wardrobe with autumn fashion.

What's something you want to do before August ends?