Tabitha In Her Great Adventure - Part 4

 After Benita heard Tabitha’s story, she was excited to help Tabitha find Tori.

“Can I help you look for Tori?!!!” Benita hopped around Tabitha. “It will be fun, fun, fun, and I am fast like a Pegasus flying in the sky.”

“Thanksssss! I need all the help I can get, I wish Yenny is here with us too,” Tabitha hugged Benita. “I am really glad you are here, though. Thank you so much, my new friend.”

“Glad to help, I love to move around,” Benita was jumping up and down. “I can’t sit still for more than 10 minutes!”

photo | NoDurians

They were walking up the Great Wall, but Tabitha was too slow for Benita. Benita was too fast for Tabitha. They were having a big problem staying together. So they decided to go on Benita’s motorcycle. Tabitha was terrified because they were going too fast for her, but at least they could stay together. That sure worked it out better.

photo | Haley Tran

photo | Haley Tran

They zoomed by an old Chinaman that was walking with a cane. They scared him. “Are those animals …driving a motorcycle?” He was wondering and sweeping his long white beard and curling it with his fingers, “OH…OH I got to follow it and take a second look at it”. He was trying to run after them but was too slow and gave up. “Oh.. I am too old anyway, I have to go home and get myself some tea”.

Tabitha and Benita found out that Tori and her family had just left for Italy for a long vacation from their co-workers. So they decided to head to Italy by train because Benita was afraid to fly. “Here is a map of China to Italy. Flying would be faster, but I am scared of heights. I wished that I could be like a Pegasus so I can be fast in the air and on the ground.” said Benita.

google map

google map

“To tell you the truth, I am afraid of heights too.” Tabitha said. “I was terrified when I got into the package and flew from England to China, but I got to be brave for my sister”. Tabitha would do anything for Tori because she is her sister. Family is so very important to her. 

They sneaked on to the train. They were hiding in the back corner. “I hope this train is pet friendly.” Tabitha whispered to Benita. “I hope we don’t get caught.”

photo | Haley Tran

photo | Haley Tran

Will Tabitha and Benita get kick out of the train?



Story by our feature writer Haley Tran
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