Handmade Softies by Sew In The Moment from Australia

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
— Albert Einstein

Is winter here yet? Because these handmade sock dolls make me feel so warm already. Are you feeling it too?

Miriam Ollis is a designer and brand owner of Sew In The Moment from Sydney, Australia. 

Here is what she said about soft toys "As an Early Childhood Teacher, I can see the benefit of children having significant dolls in their lives. They bring comfort, joy and encourage play, whether it is; a friend to sleep with, a doll to role play with or a mobile to gaze in wonder at."

I agree with her, sometime in this chaotic world who is a better companion than a patient, silent a Teddy Bear, a kind of bunny, fox, penguin or a handmade doll?

Her sock dolls are just adorable. I particularly like how she made these dolls with hands in the pockets and heart shape in the center. Don't you just want to give them a BIG hug?

The expressions on these dolls just captured my attention. My caption would be "hi" "I'm listening" "you got all my attention".

Miriam Ollis - the artist made this hair free sock doll for a little boy who lost his hair due to chemo.  I was touched by her story. Her heart must be made of gold. So sweet.

So stop by her etsy shop and support her work.