Wedding Doll Gift

A couple days ago, I received an email from a softies cuties fan.

I’m looking for a wedding doll for an upcoming bridesmaid shower gift. Any suggestion?
— Annie

 Dear Annie - 

Thank you for the email. What a clever idea! Without much detail on style. Here is what came in mind. Sarah from Quebec, Montreal, Canada - the owner of Les Petites Mains made these amazingly soft, beautiful, dreamy and glamorous wedding doll. You can even customize the doll to what the bride prefers.

The standard doll collection price at $68.34. Email her if you want to do a custom order.

Since this is for a bridesmaid shower, you can even get it for the other bridesmaids as well. See pictures to give you some ideas.

Here are some of the pictures from Les Petites Mains.

Enjoy! And I am pretty sure these dolls will bring many year memories to come.