Henry the Fox Travel to Mexico With His Human Friends

To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.
— Freya Stark

 “How lucky I am!” said Henry the Fox to himself. He got to travel to a country that he doesn't speak the language. "How scary is that” thought to himself. Luckily, he was traveling with his nine human friends. Their first leg of the trip - Mexico City. There they stayed in this awesome Airbnb in the neighborhood of San Miguel Chapultepec. During his visits, Henry the Fox had the pleasure of meeting Maya and Copito. Maya is the big dog, but yet very calm. Copito is the smaller one and have quite a personality. When asked to stay indoor Copito would get irritated and start barking. Surprisingly, both dogs are buddy to buddy.

Henry the Fox is super excited to share with you the house he stayed. It is well designed. Every corner you turned there were art works. Let's not waste time and start the house tour (email me if you want to know the specific name of this Airbnb).

Up next, where out and about were his human friends went?