A Tale of Honeybee and a Human

A Human was doing her regular weekend runs. Until one Sunday morning, as she was running she came upon a Little Bee. She stopped and started the conversation.

Human: Little Bee, Little Bee - why are you so busy? 

Little Bee: I'm busy collecting nectar of these beautiful nasturtium flowers.

Human: Right, of course. If you don't mind, may I photo and video you while you're collecting nectar.

Little Bee: Not at all! Please share it with the human and let the world know that we're hard working creatures and we make sweet honey for them to eat. So "Save the honeybees!".

Human: Will do! And look out for video and photo.

And of they're doing their little things. Here is a picture of the Little Bee.

I really just want to be warm yellow light that pours over everyone I love.
— Conor Oberst

Here are some busy bee softies.