Handmade Dolls by Willowynn from Australia

My dolls are little characters I imagine would be in a story. Lonely but happy, from a different time and part of the wilderness.
— Margeaux Davis

Spotted these expressive dolls, designed and handmade in Australia by Margeaux Davis. Her dolls facial expression simply caught my eyes. It expresses a calmness, loneliness, yet simple and elegant. The dolls outfit look very sweet, a long coat with hoody (or called woolen cloak) that has hand-embroidered flowers, an interchangeable skirt, a shawl and an apron. 

Her dolls are not for young children and they are made-to-order. Head over to her etsy shop for details how to order.

In her bio she shared where she gets her inspiration. Take a peak look below -

"Inspiration might come from a song I’ve heard, or a character in a story or a special experience I’ve had with an animal. I fell in love with snails after reading ‘Sound of a Wild Snail Eating’ by Elizabeth Tova Baily. I love foxes because of their sad eyes and the thought of a giant blue whale silently swimming beneath a ship… and wandering through the bush, looking closely at mushrooms and moths." 


What do you feel when you see these dolls?