Doll Maker (Part 2)

Each doll is armoured with glass beads, crystals and talismen - glittering little warriors who watch out for us in the real world. Hovering between the human and animal kingdom, they tell stories of cabaret sparkles and the strangeness of nature.
— Alice Mary Lynch

Continuation from my Doll Maker (Part1), here is part 2. The second artist I have chosen to write about is Alice Mary Lynch. Many you may have heard of her, but she is new to me. As you will see (perhaps, you've already scroll down), her artworks are absolutely a masterpiece. They are for wall decoration, showcase in art gallery or fashion show. Definitely not recommended for kid. Even hanging on the wall, I can see myself will never get bore from looking at. Just as she mentioned, every cabaret sparkles have a stories to tell. 

Background about Alice - Growing up in Somerset with artist parents, Kate and James Lynch, Alice scoured fleamarkets with a magpie's instinct for curiosities to inhabit her fairytale world. 

She trained in Fashion Design at Kingston University, London, then worked as a designer in Paris for John Galliano, Christian Dior and Sonia Rykiel.  She honed her craft in their studios full of stitching, beading and embellishment and thrived in the theatre of their catwalk shows.

After nine years in Paris, Alice recently moved back to Somerset, where she now lives with her Japanese husband and their two small children.

She dedicates her time to making these whimsical characters which she brings to life in her Somerset studio from vintage textiles and treasures. They are often framed in glazed boxes and hung as icons on the walls, heirlooms for the future.

Combining vintage textiles, beads and trinkets, Alice began making things which felt instinctively right, creatures and creations that came straight from her imagination. Her bespoke dolls were haute couture pieces that embroidered together different layers of history brought to life with a needle and thread. Glimmering and glittering the dolls are stand alone treasures and it is certainly no surprise that they are now being coveted all over the world.

There you have two successful doll markers - Yeo Mei Ying from Malaysia and Alice Mary Lynch from UK. Both of them have truly inspired me. They have opened my eyes to a world I don't know much about.

So kid or adult - Don't let anyone stop you from what you do with passion. Keep dreaming and keeping practicing it. Some day you will see the magic. [Little Gatherer]