Tabitha In Her Great Adventure - Part 2

Yenny invited Tabitha to her home to have a tea party.  Yenny got the tea set ready for Tabitha.  
“Wow, you have a nice bamboo home.” said Tabitha. 
 “Thanks!”  said Yenny. 

Story and photo by  Haley Tran

Story and photo by Haley Tran

Tabitha asked Yenny to help her to look for her sister, Tori. 
“Do you have a picture of Tori?” asked Yenny.
“I don’t have any pictures of her but I have some of me.” said Tabitha.
“Why would we need a picture of you?” Yenny looking confused at Tabitha, “We need to see what Tori looks like so we can look for her.”
“Oh, okay haha.” Tabitha feeling embarrassed.

Tabitha did not know much about her sister. She and her sister were born in England. Tabitha knew Tori was adopted by a Chinese family. So Tabitha hopped into a FedEx airplane that carried packages to China.  

“OMG! You were in a package from England to here?  You poor little thing.” said Yenny 
“Can you take me to the Great Wall of China? I think that’s where Tori’s family works, we can look for her there.” said  Tabitha.

 “Are you crazy!? Great Wall of China!? Do you know how long The Great Wall is?” asked Yenny
“Isn’t it just a great piece of a wall, how long can it be?” asked Tabitha.
“How long can it be? It is 13,170 miles long!” said Yenny.

This is Great Wall of China!! | Photographer  Steve Peterson

This is Great Wall of China!! | Photographer Steve Peterson

“It’s okay, we can walk there early tomorrow morning, I really want to find her.” Tabitha said sadly. 
“Ahya ya!!!” Yenny shook her head.
“If we walk 10 miles per day, it will take us 1,317 days to finish our mission.”
 “Okay fine, I need to lose some weight anyway.” said Yenny.

So they started their mission the next morning.


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