Tabitha in Her Great Adventure

One day, a kitty named Tabitha was walking through a bamboo forest. She was surrounded by tall, tall green bamboo trees. That was all she could see and she was lost and scared. 

Photo by Haley Tran

Photo by Haley Tran

Suddenly, she heard some crunching noises above her. She looked up and saw something black and white and was eating the bamboo.

What is that thing? She thought. Tabitha was happy and scared at the same time. She was happy to see something other than just bamboo but was scared because she didn’t know what that thing was. 

Photo by Haley Tran

Photo by Haley Tran

“Hello, black and white…?” Said Tabitha looking up at the thing. 
The black and white thing turned and looked at Tabitha and said “oh hi orange ” with her mouth full. Tabitha smiled and said “I like your black sun glasses”.       
“I don’t have sunglasses, what are sunglasses anyway?” Asked the black and white thing climbing down the bamboo tree.
“The black circle around your eyes, aren’t they your eyeglasses?” asked Tabitha.
“I am a panda bear this is how I look, my name is Yenny, what is your name?” 
“My name is Tabitha, I am a cat.”

They started talking and learned a lot about each other. They became friends. Tabitha was an orphan, she only knew that she has a sister named Tori.  But they got separated and now she wants to search for her sister.  


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Feature Writer |  Haley Tran  with her orange cat. 

Feature Writer | Haley Tran with her orange cat. 

Fun Facts About Tabitha

Tabitha is a common name in 18th century New England. 

Tabitha is an orange cat made from soft plush orange corduroy and a bit of plaid cotton for her stripes. She stands about 12 inches tall. She's got safety eyes and an embroidered face. She's super snuggly, pretty cute, and best of all...she's totally washable! :) 

Tabitha was purchased on Etsy - Tiddlywinks. Unfortunately, Tiddlywinks is no longer in business. Her orange cat is super cute, best wishes to Tiddlywinks! [thecreativejunkie via Scottie]