December Day 11 | She's a Rainbow

Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud
— Maya Angelou

One recent evening walking after dinner, I came across this very interesting, colorful Christmas lights by South Park in San Francisco with a group of friends. It was thousands of tiny red and green color lights appear on the outside wall of a house. It’s really cool, beautiful and magical. I have never seen this before. So got home and Google it. It’s called a landscape laser light projector. The projector is hanging on a high tree branch having the lights shining directly to the walls. Can't you imagine how beautiful it would be with snow? Apparently the price is not too bad either. It’s in the range of $100s. For $100 you can turn your place into a festive place - not too shabby. You can purchase at Amazon, Sharp Image etc., 

photo  | softiescuties

photo | softiescuties

Ok, here one awesome poster hand colored by our whimsical and charming designer, whom prefer not disclose his name at this time – but he is real. 

Doesn't this poster take your mind to this tree house? This is where I want to be. Give me a few books and a fireplaceI'm all set.  Unfortunately, this poster has already sold and so his other posters. It is hand coloring one by one and it does quite some time to finish one. Given his coloring has already sold. If you’re interested, you will have to be on the waiting list.

photo | softiescuties

photo | softiescuties

And here is an old Sony tv ad till this day, it's still one of my favorite tv commercials. Song by Rolling Stone - She's like a rainbow

Enjoy! 15 more days til Christmas!