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— Tom Kelley - Creative Confidence

At first glance you might see a cute Asian face doll, but look closely – you will begin to the Australian flag top. Why is that you may ask? This cute fabric doll was handmade by designer Sara Rosetta from Australia. This explains why it’s wearing Australian flag top.
The package arrived with two fabric dolls. I’m reviewing this one doll first and 2nd one at a later day. As far as packaging it's nothing too exciting, very simple. 


This doll is about 11 inches and smaller than one would be hope.

Cost about $30 USD including shipping. 
Type of fabric used per Etsy: 100% cotton fabric body, fibre filling and wool felt hair. The sewing craftsmanship is well done. I stretched and pulled both arms and legs, it’s still intact and no nicks or tears.

photo | softiescuties

photo | softiescuties

The design of this doll is adorable. However, a few drawbacks kept this doll being super adorable. With my humble suggestions, here are a few improvement areas.

  • Not sure what type of material was used for the pants. For some reason, it easily attracts fabric hair – as you can see in the picture. Using a slightly wet towel to wipe off the hairs. It cleaned the hairs, however, the attractions are back again. Highly recommended to use other fabric. 
  • The facial expression was acrylic painted, prefer embroidered.
  • Add another 3 inches taller and 2 inches wider would be an ideal size for me.
photo | softiescuties

photo | softiescuties

In conclusion, with the price tag of $30 USD. Somewhat disappointed in the quality of this soft toy for the money. It's still much an adorable toy, particular the cute smile.