Tabitha In Her Great Adventure - Part 5

A tall man with a goatee went up to Benita and Tabitha. He bent down and looked closely at them. “Ahhh…!!!!!! Why are there animals loose on this train?!!!” asked the tall man with a goatee and started walking toward the conductor.  Tabitha and Benita took this chance to get away.

They jumped out of the window and felled into a bed of dandelions. Benita was so happy to see all the flowers, she started to hop around and ate most of the flowers. “Haa..chooo…!!! Haa..Chooo..!!!” Tabitha kept on sneezing. “Wake up sleepy head!” said Benita holding a feather in her hand and tickling Tabitha’s nose.

Tabitha opened her eyes “uh..why are we still on the train?” she asked confusedly. “Yes! I can’t believe you slept the whole way. We are here in Italy!”  Benita was so excited, “Come on, I am hungry, let’s go get us some spaghetti and veggie balls.”
 “But… you ate a whole bunch of flowers already. Oh wait, that was all a dream” said Tabitha, “Come to think of it, I am starving too.”
“Then let’s hop to it, what are you waiting for?” whispered Benita, “This is the best time to eat because the human are busy getting off the train, best distraction of all time!” she zoomed so fast into the train's kitchen and Tabitha tried to catch up. 
“Wait up, you are too fast.” said Tabitha. 
“Come on, you are too slow. We need to eat fast and get off the train before it starts to move again.” They both made it to the kitchen, filled up their bellies and jumped off the train they go.

They started walking into the city.

photo  |   expedia

photo | expedia

“Wow! Italy is beautiful. Oh no, that building is falling!” Tabitha said to Benita pulling her hand and tried to run away from the building. 
“No silly, it is Torre pendente di Pisa. It is famous for its tilting to one side.” laughed Benita.
“What do you mean? It’s not falling?” said Tabitha.
“It is called Leaning Tower of Pisa, it is a bell tower that was built in the year of 1173 but was completed in 1372.  Its weight is estimated at 14,500 metric tons so heavy, the ground couldn’t support it. That’s why it tilted to one side.” said Benita.

“Wow, very interesting. Are you sure it’s not going to fall?” smiled Tabitha. "It hasn't fallen for centuries, I"m pretty sure it won't fall today." said Benita. Tabitha nodding her head and agreed.

"Let’s continue our search for Tori.” said Benita.

Story and Photo by Haley Tran

Story and Photo by Haley Tran

So they walked and asked around for the whole day but couldn’t get any answers.  “No one knows where Tori is. The sun is setting and we both are tired. We need a place to rest.” said Benita. As they continued walking and looking, unexpectedly they saw a well. They decided to rest there.

Could that be a wishing well? Maybe Tabitha should make a wish….it may come true.



Story by our feature writer Haley Tran
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Interesting fact added by Haley’s aunt:
You may ask - What's a goatee?
Goatee [noun] - a small, sometimes pointed, beard.
Here are the types of goatees.