Woolen Tenderness | Penguin

It’s practically impossible to look at a penguin and feel angry.
— Joe Moore

恭禧發財!! Gung hay fat choy! Today's the first day of the year of the chicken or rooster. As a tradition, we always greet each with good saying. Here are some greeting saying. Try using it when you see your Chinese friends. 

Dai gat dai lei |  大吉大利  |  much luck and much prosperity
Gung hei fat choi |  恭喜發財  | congratulations and be prosperous
lung ma jing sung | 龍馬精神  | high energy like dragon and horse
maahn sih yuh yi | 萬事如意  | 10,000 things go smoothly
sam seung sih sihng |  心想事成  | accomplish whatever your heart tells you
chut yap ping on |  出入平安  | leave and enter in peace and safety
nin nin yau yue |  年年有餘  | every year have bounty in excess

I super excited to share with you this handmade felted penguin in the knitted scarf and headpiece. This penguin ornament or soft toy was handmade by Woolen Tenderness own by Lili from Ukraine. It is wearing a blue earmuff and orange knitted scarf. Super cute!


Here are some photos around where we I live.


In the next couple days, this little penguin will travel with me in NYC subway. Can't wait to share what we did. 

In the meantime, if you have soft toy you want me to review. Please send them my way.